Willie Fortune's

   Willie Nelson

      Tribute Show


BIO for Willie Fortune, “the Other Willie”. Approved by Willie Nelson.

Willie Fortune has been singing and playing Willie Nelson songs for years. After singing several of Willie”s songs at a New Years Eve concert,  a friend pointed out that Willie Fortune sings like Willie Nelson, talks like Willie, looks like Willie, dresses like Willie, and is the same physical size and eye color. He asked, “So why don’t you do a Willie Nelson Tribute Show?”

A seed was planted that grew and Willie Fortune decided to proceed; but only if he got permission from Willie Nelson himself. And it was Willie Nelson HIMSELF that made the Willie Fortune’s Willie Nelson Tribute Show come to life.

Willie Fortune was able to arrange a meeting with Willie Nelson. Willie Nelson had been out jogging and was wearing a exercise suit and stocking cap. Willie Fortune was dressed exactly like the Real Willie dresses on stage. Willie Nelson said, “well you look more like me than I do.”

Willie Fortune explained the idea of developing an authentic Willie Nelson Musical Tribute Show. The Real Willie liked the idea and encouraged Willie Fortune to do it. He gave his permission, blessing, encouragement, and endorsement. He personally signed guitars and several of his books and they took some pictures together.


Willie Fortune started calling himself “the Other Willie” because there is only One Original Real Willie Nelson, and he honors Willie by playing and singing his songs for his fans.

That is how “the Other Willie” started. Willie Fortune now devotes all of his time to honoring Willie Nelson with Willie Fortune’s Willie Nelson Tribute Show.

Willie Fortune “the Other Willie” has performed concerts at Performing Arts Centers, Colleges, Festivals, State and County Fairs, Corporate events, Civic Centers, Clubs, Charity events, Fund Raisers, motorcycle rally's, private parties, dancehalls, and weddings in many states. He has been mistaken for the real Willie many times, which he considers an honor. 

If you can’t hire Willie Nelson, Willie Fortune is next best.

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The Premiere Tribute to Willie Nelson