Willie Fortune's

   Willie Nelson

      Tribute Show

The Show

Willie Fortune pays close attention to detail in recreating the wonderful concerts of Willie Nelson, with the closest experience to Willie on stage as possible. 

Willie Fortune says, “What I do is get the audience to join me in pretending for a 90-minute concert that I’m Willie Nelson. I wear the same stage clothing and I’ve seen him live many, many times. I’ve studied him very carefully so I have the same mannerisms and stage actions. Basically what I do is get up there and do the same thing he does, (just not as well, HE is the one and only Original). Willie’s music is so engaging that the audience and I have a great time honoring Willie and enjoying his music.” 

Willie Fortune’s Willie Nelson Tribute Show Concert Options:

Option # 1. 

Willie Fortune and his acoustic guitar “the Other Trigger” and full band sequenced accompaniment (which sound like a full live band) perform a 90 minute concert. This is ideal for a medium size audience which desires a lively show, and has a medium size budget.

Option # 2.

Willie Fortune and his acoustic guitar “the Other Trigger” and his red hot live Texas band perform a 90 minute concert ideal for a larger audience that wants an exciting full live band show, and has a larger budget.

If you can’t hire Willie Nelson, Willie Fortune is next best.

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The Premiere Tribute to Willie Nelson